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Many companies are asking the question: What’s so great about having a website if your audience can’t find you?

The whole point of a web site is to communicate with the public. How can you communicate if the public can’t find your site?

seo-services-elite-web-designsThe consultants at Minneapolis-based Elite Web Designs offer ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) policies. Our search engine marketing specialists will execute a powerful and most effective search engine marketing campaign for you. You need traffic. Not any traffic, but targeted traffic consisting of quality prospects and potential customers. We create integrated Web and marketing solutions by combining web design and development with online Internet advertising and marketing. This results in a seamless line of communication with potential customers, extends marketing reach, and maximizes impact. Our successful track record in Internet marketing comes from coordinated efforts, careful planning and execution, real-time tracking and analysis, and the optimization of marketing campaigns.

Search engine optimization used to be a simple process. Just add a few metatag keywords to your site and you were good to go! Over time, web site owners — and their developers — started abusing the system and search engines had to adjust their algorithms to generate more relevant search engine results. Metatag keywords are no longer useful. In fact, Google has ignored them for about ten years! Today, search engines reward web sites that have relevant content, have good usability and are highly visible on the internet.

That is why Elite Web Designs doesn’t focus its SEO efforts on tricking search engines. We focus on making your website as relevant as possible and improving a site’s usability and visibilty so it naturally rises to the top of the search engine results over time.

Search Engine Optimization MNWhen we develop a site, one of the very first steps is setting business objectives and target keywords. Then, everyone on our staff — graphic designers, HTML specialists and web developers — focus their efforts on achieving those goals.

While no one can guarantee that your site will receive number-one placement on all search engines all the time, we use proven methods and strategies that have helped our clients appear and stay at or near the top of the search engine rankings in categories relevant to their businesses.

Elite Web Designs will use every ethical means to attract potential customers to your site, but we cannot guarantee top placement on search engines, no company can. Also please remember that search engine optimization is an ongoing process. That is why ongoing monitoring of your site’s performance on search engines is so important.

We enjoy educating our clients on search engine optimization and we aim to build a long-term relationship with all our clients. Call for a free consultation today!


“A website without SEO is like a car
without gas.”
- Paul Cookson

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