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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the ongoing process of promoting your website on the Internet in attempts to achieve better placement on search engines for your chosen keywords. There are a number of ways SEM can be performed, broken down into three major categories: organic marketing, subscribed (Google Adwords or Pay Per Click) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Reaching your target audience requires multiple methods of Search Engine Marketing.   Contact us to learn more.

Organic Marketing

Search Engine Marketing MNOrganic marketing, if done correctly, covers methods that result in your website being elevated in the natural rankings in search engine results pages. That is, based on the keywords you select, search engines evaluate their relevance to your website based on content and popularity, and your website is assigned a position in the search engine listings above or below your competition’s. Common organic marketing techniques include article writing, blog posting, social media bookmarking, professional network linking, online press releases, and other link-building resources. Done properly and within the webmaster guidelines published by major search engine companies, organic marketing is effective. Done excessively, irresponsibly, or unethically, improper organic marketing is labeled “black hat” and can get your website banned from search engine listings altogether.

The nature of organic marketing success is “cumulative effort yields long term results”.

Our accurately targeted, custom-tailored organic optimization solutions focus on ethical, white-hat principles to significantly increase the efficiency of your website and excel within your industry’s competitive landscape. We go well beyond page/keyword indexing and ranking optimization by creating actionable, long-term strategies based on data gathered through constant monitoring and testing in order to reach your target audience more effectively and more often.

Organic marketing costs 61% less per lead than traditional marketing

80% of all clicks occur within the organic rankings

Google Adwords / PPC (Pay Per Click)

Paid advertising for generating leads on Google or Bing may be the best solution to quickly attract new business, especially if you’re in a competitive market or getting a late start on your SEO efforts. When setting up your campaign, we’ll examine both desktop and mobile ads to ensure you’re targeting your audience wherever they are. Tactics may include display/banner advertising, ad extensions, phone call tracking, remarking (retargeting), and even Facebook advertising.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Social Media Marketing Services

Develop your company’s brand awareness, online visibility, and authority in your industry with Gravitate’s meticulous social media strategies, which are built upon your unique industry objectives and long-term goals. Through our proprietary Competitive Analysis, we identify deficiencies and strategies for competing within your specific niche market. From there, we’re able to target, compel, and drive action through persona-driven engagement with your ideal audience.

“A website without SEO is like a car
without gas.”
- Paul Cookson

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