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About Elite Web Designs

Professional Web Design & Marketing Team

Internet MarketingOur mission is simple, to give your business what it needs to thrive in today’s technology driven world.

Our History

As your website and internet marketing team, our number one priority is to grow your business. We’ve been in the game since 2003. We want your business website to be the best it can be and will work with you to maximize your online presence and your Return On Investment (ROI). We are not located in our mom’s basement and we do not know any friends of friends whose cousin “knows” web design. We are web developers at its best. Our award winning websites are what your business or organization needs to stand out from the crowd.

Our work

Everything we do is custom. Everything. There is never a template and we don’t do copy/paste.


Our prices are fair. We perform due diligence of requirements for each project and price accordingly. Once we reach an agreement with our clients on the quote, that’s the price paid unless something is added to the project scope.


We have no long-term contracts. We earn your business each month or you take it elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.


It’s your website. Your analytics. Your copyright. You own it. Period.

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